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The Elements of Love

Some children look at the world through their eyes. They can only understand what they can 'see'. Others process it all through their mind. They think their way through life, analysing everything and everyone to the point where nothing is ever allowed to be obvious.

Not Your Scorpio. Your Scorpio works in a different way entirely. Your Scorpio is a creature of passion and emotion, who comes "straight from the heart". Your Scorpio may well have an extraordinarily high intellect - and exceptional powers of observation. But Your Scorpio doesn't value either of these anywhere near so much as he values what their feelings are telling them. It's as if they have X-ray vision. They can see right through any pretense. They can penetrate any argument, no matter how cleverly it has been constructed. They can recognise the raw, real human motive that lies behind the sophisticated facade. And they rarely get it wrong.

That's why, when they're upset, you can't so easily distract them with toys or tricks. They get tired, hungry and thirsty just like any other child - but their most important need is for love. They want to be held, to be cuddled, to be comforted and to be transported to a realm where there's nothing but sweetness and softness.

This, though, is not something you can artificially construct for them. Your Scorpio has an insatiable appetite for candour. If there's upset or disharmony around them, they won't be deflected away from it by explanation or by some superficial gesture of reassurance. Indeed, if someone is crying, they'd rather cry with them and empathise with their pain than be "protected" from the experience. That's not because they are a sucker for punishment. It's because they have a mission to heal. Give them the freedom to explore and express their strongest, deepest most intense urges - even if sometimes, they involve 'scary' or 'unreasonable' impulses like rage or apparent despair. In return they will give, to everyone around them, their whole life long, the benefit of their impressive, instinctive wisdom.

And they'll learn, in time, how to surf the waves of their own emotions and let them carry them and others to the safer shore of a more honest existence.

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