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Like all Capricorns, your Capricorn has an air of great intelligence and authority. Even when they're looking cute and playing with their friends, you can half imagine them sitting at the end of some giant boardroom table, making big decisions about the future of some business empire.

They have a way of looking at you sometimes that leaves you wondering whether really, they are the wise adult and you're the little child. It takes a lot to get them giddy and excited. Your Capricorn far prefers to maintain an air of calm composure. Don't, though, make the mistake of assuming that your Capricorn has no sense of fun.

Actually, they have a great sense of humour and can get everyone laughing, easily. They are just careful about who they share their jokes with and are often reluctant to show that side of themselves to the adult world. They want grown-ups to think of them as 'together' and organised. But ask their playmates and they'll tell you... the wildest escapades and the most amusing games are usually their idea... or arrive at their instigation.

Your Capricorn is more adventurous than many children of a similar age. It's just that they like their adventures to be 'epics'. They're naturally interested in learning how things work - where the boundaries lie - and how they can overcome potential difficulties. Try not to discourage their endlessly inquisitive nature, even if it gets a bit wearing... it's a big part of what's going to make them a highly respected and successful character, later in life.

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