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Some children grow up slowly. Others develop very rapidly. Your Aquarius belongs to neither category. They arrived on this planet with their personality fully formed. Theirs is a wise old soul in the body of a small child. One look in their eyes confirms this. Your Aquarius exudes a natural sense of certainty and understanding. It is as if they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing here.

They may be too small to articulate any of this in words. They may still look and act very cute, but there's still something strangely self-possessed about them. For all that you have to teach them, Your Aquarius has something to teach you. Calmly and patiently if possible, assertively and argumentatively if not, they will press their point until that point is made. Is this precocious arrogance that should be kept carefully in check?

Well, you can see it that way if you want. And you can try all the conventional methods of exerting parental authority by all means. But when you're tired of this exhausting and unnecessary process, the truth will dawn on you. Your Aquarius is someone very special whose unique intelligence deserves to be acknowledged and respected. If you want positive communication, treat them as an equal, not an infant. Apply tenderness, of course. Supply guidance, absolutely. But don't slip into that old-fashioned attitude of 'Me parent... you child'. Your Aquarius won't wear it.

It's not that they will rebel or throw tantrums. That would be, er... childish... and your Aquarius only ever adopts behaviour like that as a last resort. They is far more likely to look at you askance and raise questions that shoot straight to the heart of your argument like heat-seeking missiles, demolishing every last ounce of assumption and inconsistency. Of course, your Aquarius acts, at times like a bit of a know all. THEY actually are one. And what they don't yet know, THEY soon will. So, for the sake of a future when you'll be deeply glad of all this knowledge, abandon all your preconceived ideas about parenting... and instead decide, over the next few years, to let them take the lead while you follow. Because at many amazing levels, they really do know, already, exactly where they are is going.

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