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Got a mountain that needs climbing? Or a rocket that has to be flown to Mars? How about a field full of wild horses that nobody can tame? If so, your Sagittarius will happily rise to the challenge. And if you haven't? Well... sooner than you think, your Sagittarius will create such an impossible task all by themselves. They have really not come into this world to drift and doze. This child is an incorrigible chancer, an irrepressible optimist; a wand-waving, rainbow-chasing finder of four-leaf clovers.

What kind of miracle does your Sagittarius prefer to work? Quite honestly, they aren't fussy. All they ever want to be told is that something probably can't be done. That will always be enough to attract their interest and fire their enthusiasm. But if they can manage to attach an impossible deadline to this impossible task, they will be all the happier. They will just look for a way, not only to make and bake the unfeasible cake... but to cover it in icing, decorate it with a cherry - and then hand it over nonchalantly for others to enjoy while they start a new adventure.

Impressed? You will be! Worried? Well, at times, you'll feel you ought to be. Especially when you see your Sagittarius fall flat on their face from time to time. You'll fear that they have no grasp of reality - no ability to see where the line needs to be drawn. Observe from a distance. Intervene gently (and encouragingly) where you really must. But don't try to get them to lower their sights. They never learn from other people's experience. Only from their own. And though experience is bound to teach them that some things really can't be done... it will also teach them that other amazing things CAN be achieved, despite all apparent indications to the contrary.

Your Sagittarius won't be deterred when they fail. So, you shouldn't be either. Just watch out for their physical safety... then support them when they just shrug off the setback and set off to try something new. And remember, if things ever get too serious, too hairy or too silly, they have a wonderful sense of humour. The way to get them to change course... is simply to make them laugh!

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