Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Aquarius, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

2017 is a big year for Aquarians. Your modern ruler, Uranus, makes several dynamic oppositions with Jupiter, whilst creating supportive trines with your traditional ruler Saturn. You're being urged to learn and explore... to journey beyond your immediate surroundings, and discover a different, radically new way of thinking.

So, imagine yourself on a journey. You've set out to find somewhere special in an unfamiliar town. Here I am, a friendly native of the area. If you ask me for directions, I'll be happy to help. But in order to gain from my advice, there must be a willingness, on your part, to listen and accept what I have to offer. It's no use trying to catch me out! Or question whether it really is a left turn after the lights! It's not that I don't mind you doubting the veracity of my directions - I have a lot of respect for healthy Aquarian cynicism, and it's never a good idea to follow orders blindly without adapting them to your circumstances. But, just as there are moments when it takes your analytical, inspirational vision to see a path only obvious to your eyes, there are times when a bit of local knowledge can be trusted. 2017 brings opportunities to open your life to the ideas and insights of others. In doing so, you'll see the world differently, and your place in it will feel much more fulfilling.

Should you worry that your new sense of perspective will mean seeing people in a different light? Could it be harder to maintain the relationships that hold the greatest significance for you? No! Life, this year, has valuable lessons in store. Take them on board, and welcome your new understanding. It will allow you to see further than ever before. And, those who truly value you, whose hearts delight in your happiness, will join you in a year of powerful progress.

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Love Forecast

You're perceptive, like a laser dot from a high-powered scope - it arrives from nowhere and lands perfectly on what you're aiming for. And once homed in on your quarry, it rarely slips your sights. But just sometimes, when you're working with faulty information, or a battle has moved on, you can find it difficult to let a target go, especially if it isn't obvious where to shift your focus.

The year ahead has much to teach you. And there'll be someone in your life who can show you how to widen your gaze. With Jupiter moving in and out of opposition with Uranus throughout 2017, it affects a part of the sky which, for you, focuses on searching for a more complete understanding. Jupiter's wise and encouraging presence is calling you to use Uranus' revolutionary energy to free your mind and awaken a new part of your consciousness.

For someone who is so used to providing the answers, it may feel strange to be the one seeking them! But all of our hearts have questions. If you're willing to accept the role of pupil, rather than master, you'll learn to let go, in a way that allows you to love more deeply this year. Be open to this transformation, and you'll have feelings so powerful you'll be blown away by their breadth and scope.

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Money Forecast

The capitalist system is almost binary. There are winners and losers, 1's and 0's. Yet no economic system has worked better, or been demonstrably fairer than the one most of the world has adopted. The few alternative models currently in use often leave much to be desired. Yet capitalism can still be improved upon. To function properly, it needs to reward those who show endeavour, bravery and ingenuity. Those who stagnate, who fail to adapt or improve, shouldn't benefit at the expense of those born into less fortunate circumstances.

This year, the key to improving your fortune will be in recognising the need for change, learning its lessons, and evolving into a better version of yourself. Are you truly the best you can be? Few of us are. And even when we do get there, it's impossible to maintain the position without regular software updates.

2017's Jupiter-Uranus oppositions bring the opportunity to become Aquarian 2.0. There may be some bugs to be fixed in future updates, but the core code is ready to download and install. Trust your celestial programmers. Allow this 'soul-hack' to expand your database and improve your operating system. If you're willing to learn, broaden your horizons and yet retain your primary functions, your financial prospects are only limited by the scope of your vision. Good thing you've always been able to see so far forward!

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