Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Cancer, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

2017 will be the year that you're encouraged to look deeply into your relationships, assess those that are important, and make a fuller connection to those people around you who really matter. As Jupiter and Uranus move across the heavens, in opposition, they will encourage you to put the past where it belongs and move into the future that you deserve.

If we were able stand aside and look at our lives and loves from afar, we'd have a very different idea of who we are, and what other people see in us. It would be a fascinating thing to do! We'd understand the impact we're having on the world, and realise the effects our actions make on those around us. What do you think people say about you? Who cares the most about your happiness? Are you content with the footprint you're making on the planet? Hopefully! But, if you're not so sure, this year brings the opportunity to alter the impression you're making. The planets will guide you to a road you'll be delighted to stroll along. And if you're okay, then the people you care about are more likely to be okay! The year 2017 brings the potential for joy, and, if you can harvest the possibilities available to you, this will have a direct impact on your day-to-day life.

The challenge, this year, is to learn from your experience, and harvest the fruits of your labours. The cosmos won't allow you to rest on your achievements, or wallow in any grievances lest you become indifferent to the opportunities that lie ahead. At times you'll have to leave your comfort zone. And there may be periods when you long to return to the security of a situation that's no longer viable. But, as the year progresses, you have a chance to make a real difference... one that's crucial to a life well lived, and a journey here, on earth, that cannot fail to be a success.

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Love Forecast

Sometimes it feels like relationships are a game of chess. In order to advance we inevitably open gaps in our defences. Sometimes we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to make long-term strategic gains. But this is all based on the premise that we must protect ourselves from a dangerous adversary. That, in order to succeed at the game of love we must back someone into a corner until they're forced to lay down their king.

As Jupiter and Uranus align, whilst linking with Pluto in your opposite sign, the feeling that you need to seize back control in your life, may surface. Like a pawn, at the end of its run, you no longer need to move forward slowly and incrementally, but can be reborn into the free-roaming, adventurous queen you've been secretly harbouring the desire, and capacity, to be. Yet that doesn't mean you need to turn the tables on someone and launch an attack. This year, a move will be made that helps you see that true power in relationships doesn't come from manipulating the board. And that a stalemate doesn't have to feel stale. If you can transform the way you view the game, you'll see the position to take that makes sure that both you and a key person can win.

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Money Forecast

In some ways, ambition is like a drug. It's addictive - no sooner have we reached one milestone than we're looking around for the next. But it's not the kind of drug to be bought from ne'er-do-wells on dark street corners. It's like the kind that's administered by a physician with our best interests at heart. There are symptoms that suggest we'll benefit from a little more of it in our lives.

2017's major planetary alignments are set to have an effect on your sense of what's achievable. With Jupiter opposing Uranus, your long-term goals, and the direction in which you're heading, may feel like the twisting and turning of a candy-floss-making machine. This is no bad thing - in the end, it may end up tasting just as sweet!

But Pluto, opposite your sign, forming the focus of the Jupiter and Uranus dynamic for much of the year, suggests that no matter how sweet 2017 can be, little is handed to you on a stick. This is a year in which you must earn your keep, mine your resources and, at times, take your medicine. Yet the positivity of Jupiter, and the transformational qualities of Pluto, mean that if you can find the right balance, 2017 will see your financial position make the changes required to become immeasurably healthier.

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