Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Pisces, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

With your ruler Jupiter dancing across the skies, 2017 promises to be a special year for you. I'd like to suggest that you begin it with an existential look at yourself. Would you like you, if you met yourself at a party? Would you choose your company if you were looking for a date? When you're struggling with a decision, can you trust your own advice? You needn't worry if you can't answer 'yes' to all these questions. The world's a magnificent, kaleidoscopic temple of variety. There are as many opinions as there are eyes to view a situation, and our world is so full of options that it can be difficult to remain consistent.

As your traditional ruler, Jupiter, makes several powerfully creative oppositions with Uranus this year, it lays the groundwork for experimentation. There are unknowns to be explored, secrets to be learned and resources to be tested. What possible purpose could these lines of inquiry serve? Be patient! You're en route to making an important discovery. You're unearthing your purpose, and finding a new way of motivating yourself that will shape your future. And it's through this process that you'll be able to define, with clarity, the ideals and values that matter to you, and those around you.

2017 will lead you to a moment when you can return to those questions I asked you at the beginning of this forecast. As long as you have followed your heart, you'll feel as if you have the knowledge, experience and perspective to rely on your own judgement. And, you'll have discovered ways to powerfully enhance your support network too. People will emerge who provide the missing gears if ever you find that your wheels are spinning. And, as you leave 2017 behind, if you find yourself feeling breathless, it won't be the mountains you've climbed that have taken their toll. It's the view you'll have, with the clarity and perspective you've gained, that will take your breath away.

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Love Forecast

'Every action has an opposite and equal reaction' said Isaac Newton. He was talking about physical properties in a vacuum, but it could easily apply to how love can sometimes feel! Jupiter, the traditional ruler of your sign, is making powerful oppositions with Uranus this year. This exciting opposition is encouraging you to experiment: to seek wisdom beyond what's already known and discover the secrets of your inner universe. But does love exist in a chemical, a physical or a theoretical state? Should you be stuck in a lab, out in the field or quietly reflecting in your study in order to make this emotional breakthrough? The truth is, it can be found anywhere and everywhere.

In 2017, to truly take advantage of the opportunities your relationships give you, you may have to consider changing what it is you're willing to put into them. Yet relationships aren't vacuums - far from it! They're fulfilling, life-giving and essential to our happiness. It's precisely because someone is physically there, occupying the space in our hearts, that reactions to our actions don't always follow the standard model. So here's a prediction: if you wish to deepen a bond this year, you must invest heart and soul in it. Believe in someone, and show them that you have faith in them. Then you just might get the reaction you're hoping for.

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Money Forecast

No one in this world makes a fortune single handedly. Every giant company atop the stock exchange requires the faith of investors. People are no different. Even those who beat the odds to come up trumps need helping hands and generous hearts along the way. You may not realise, but there are people in your life whose desire to see you succeed may even outstrip your own.

In 2017, working in partnership with a like-minded soul can be the difference between breakthrough and breakdown. Yet, like-minded doesn't have to mean similar. For this dynamic to work you may need key differences… for one to be a harmonic McCartney, and the other a lyrical Lennon. And, for it to truly succeed, you must 'like' one another's minds and value your individual strengths.

This year, Jupiter auspiciously opposes the great 'change maker' Uranus, to encourage a discovery in how best to work with others. To find the blend of abilities that becomes the secret of financial success. Some notes may clash, some rhythms may not sync, but if you're open to possibilities, and willing to explore new and exciting relationships with key people, there's the prospect of real, positive change in your financial outlook. With Jupiter moving on to link with Neptune, you'll find your dreams are most encouraged, when there's someone who'll 'want to hold your hand'!

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