Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Sagittarius, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

Fasten your seat belt! With Jupiter dancing across the celestial skies, this promises to be a memorable and important year for you. Of course, every ship needs a captain. And every captain relies on their crew. And you're no 'green-at-the-gills' landlubber... you've not only experienced the ups and downs of the seven seas but you've ridden the waves and survived a few storms. Yet, as Jupiter, the skipper of your celestial vessel, tacks a line into the eye of the Uranus tempest, you're going to need to make sure that your ship is in good shape. 2017 is going to be an exciting ride!

You don't, though, need to worry about capsizing or entering Davy Jones' Locker via the pull of a whirlpool. As the strength of Uranus's 'winds of change' test the strength of Jupiter's exploratory sails, you'll find that you have the resources you need to batten down the hatches and withdraw to a calmer space when you need to. Pluto's influence will come to bear. Amidst a hurricane of creativity that threatens to contradict the wisdom of pursuing an idealistic prize, its presence will reveal the tangible benefits that can be reaped from your endeavours.

Those who have sailed far and wide sometimes find it hard to explain the experiences that have shaped them on their journey. And, just like them, the events that transpire will have a transformative effect on your life. But this need not make you feel isolated or excluded. In fact, your experiences can form the basis of important new relationships. And, as Saturn, in your sign, also trines Uranus over the course the year, it's the lessons that you learn from these encounters that will form the foundation for your next set of achievements. Storms fade, oceans calm and winds come and go. Yet, with the planets aligning to fight your corner this year, you'll be able to tackle your challenges, whatever the weather, and sail through with flying colours.

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Love Forecast

Anyone who thinks they've seen it all really hasn't spent enough time in your company. Even someone such as myself, who has been taught the way to divine the secrets of the planets, can't help but look in wonder (and occasional incredulity!) at your capacity to confound expectations. In fact, the one thing that shouldn't be surprising is your ability to surprise!

Freedom loving Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, awakens with a rare and powerful opposition to the exciting, innovative Uranus twice this year. As your ruler encourages you to explore dynamic changes, it's asking you to get creative. It's imploring you to channel that romantic, daring spirit of yours in tandem with like-minded souls.

There are ways in which your tastes can evolve this year. Your heart will find desires it never knew existed. A less adventurous heart may be shocked by such revelations, though there's nothing to be fearful of. In fact, the right person will understand completely. They'll not only support your inclination for change and pastures new, but help you to journey to these strange yet familiar lands. What you discover there may surprise even yourself! Just don't be surprised if you end up delighted.

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Money Forecast

Of all the signs that can benefit financially from 2017's Jupiter-Uranus opposition, yours could be special. Not only is Jupiter your ruler, but, for Sagittarians, this opposition influences matters of money and security. You might be tired of being told how lucky you are. You are lucky! We're all lucky to be here, at this particular time, on this particular rock, the perfect distance from the Sun. But sometimes you're treated like you've benefited unfairly from the rub of the green. There are times when you've had plenty of rough to go with your smooth.

Well, you haven't got it easier than everyone else this year. You'll have good fortune, but you'll deserve it. Opportunities will arise that avail themselves only to those who think differently, take risks and see the big picture. This is the key to your financial success.

To transform your financial outlook, you'll benefit from pursuing greater, positive change, and from decisions that balance your conscience as much as the books. Sure, you'll need creativity. But you're an adventurous, spirited soul. Your enthusiasm, optimism and generosity invigorates your peers and can see you all pulling in the same direction. With support, and inspired vision, it won't be just the rub of the green that you benefit from. It'll be a brass lamp in your hands instead. Success is name of the genie that is let out of that bottle.

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